Project EYEZ

We're buying Snoop for the Block ⛓️

Be an OG. Join BeetsDAO's bid at Christie's and SuperRare for "Decentral Eyes Dogg" by Coldie x Snoop.
Together we're building NFT Culture. By the OGs, for the OGs.
Disclaimer: All contributions are subject to terms and conditions
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How do I contribute?

Visit JuiceBox to buy:

What is the EYEZ project?

The EYEZ project is an experiment by BeetsDAO operated together with the community to acquire a grail piece, in Coldie x Snoop’s “Decentral Eyes Dogg”. Contributors will be a part of the experiment, cultivating a curated collection with contributing artists to explore the limits of what’s possible with NFTs. Everything is on the table from art to access.

Why Snoop and Coldie?

Two OGs. Culture with a capital C. These artists have inspired our history and are leading the decentralized future. We believe this is a moment in history. See the art here: is BeetsDAO?BeetsDAO is the collective spinning new ways to unleash the power of NFTs. We were behind the original Snoop NFT collab with Nyan Cat, and have a roadmap of projects across music, gaming and art that will launch together with the community.

What are the tokenomics behind $EYEZ?

80% of $EYEZ will be granted to contributors10% will be held in reserve for bounties and jobs10% distributed and held in the BeetsDAO treasury for future issuances

What can I do with $EYEZ token that I receive from Juicebox?
$EYEZ holders will be in control of how $EYEZ can be used in the metaverse, including, but not limited to, commissioning of derivative NFTs, collecting of existing works and access to the BeetsDAO universe of content and experience.

Does EYEZ have permission to work with Snoop and Coldie?
We’re in conversations with both Snoop and Coldie’s teams and have known public affiliations with Snoop. Any works that utilize copyright would need to be cleared upon final concept.

How do I claim $EYEZ?
See #NFT-101 for all instructions related to contributing to the Juicebox or claiming $EYEZ

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